Our #TechGirls are the future leaders of the information technology industry. They are diverse, talented and hard working people who will take society into the tech future.  The #TechGirls are here to show you the types of people who work in tech, and also the interesting work that they do.  #TechGirls come from different backgrounds, have wide ranging interests and knowledge, and have a range of skills and expertise. 

Tech Girls Are Superheroes - the book is inspiring for all ages, particularly girls who are shaping their ideas about future careers.  We invite you all to Join the Sisterhood of the Tech Girls Movement.  Together we can change the world!

There is an outdated prevailing stereotype that to work in tech that you need to be a boy, look like a nerd, eat pizza, drink coke and have no social skills.  This is NOT reality!  This is an outdated stereotype, inaccurate in our contemporary society. 

Our #TechGirls archetypes show you the different personalities of those who work in the information technology industry.  By day, they love their job solving challenging problems. 

Sometimes in their tech work, the #TechGirls come across particularly tough problems and situations.  At this time, they call on their superpower which helps them to come up with a creative solution and implement it.

Meet the #TechGirls as Superheroes!

Which #TechGirls Superhero ARE YOU?

Artifly - with her head in the clouds, and a paintbrush in hand, the artist archetype is the most likely to dream up truly creative solutions in technology. With a penchant for design and a flair for music, the artist is often found seeking inspiration in art galleries, or working on a photography project. You can expect this girl to invent technology that supports the artistic community: designers, film-makers and more.

Swiss - who says girls have to wear pink and play with dolls? Not this gal! Swiss doesn't mind getting her hands dirty, and can mix it with the boys just as easily as the girls. She's sporty and light-hearted, and loves to take things apart to see how they work before putting them back together again in her own way! Usually found in jeans, t-shirts and cool sneakers, the tomboy is always ready to leap into action. 

Pi - never tell the Pi something can't be done! She just won't believe it. She is always ready to push the boundaries and use technology in new and innovative ways to come up with answers nobody thought possible! Dressed most often in sharp black, with a few piercings and maybe even a tattoo, the daredevil might look a little wild but underneath it all she's a tech maverick with a heart of gold. 

Index – bravely breaking down barriers, and fearlessly going outside her comfort zone, Index is always on the hunt for new frontiers in technology. Never one to be fenced in, she’s ready to get up and go where no tech girl has gone before. Her pioneering spirit is an inspiration to her fellow tech girls, and she’s always ready for the next big adventure!  

Flashdrive - this girl is far from precious, but she does love to display her femininity and fashion sense - she uses her style to express herself and she doesn't see why she can't be fashion-forward AND a lover of technology at the same time! The sophisticate likes high-end fashion, 6 inch heels and technology that looks hot and works like a dream. She can see her ICT career taking her all over the world, flying first class naturally! 



Artifly aka Kayla - the Artist

Swiss aka Bridget - the Tomboy

Pi aka Tina - the Daredevil

Index aka Navi - the Explorer

Flashdrive aka Jules - the Sophisticate