VISION: To engage 10 000 girls directly in *STEM Entrepreneurship by 2020

*Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

MISSION: We exist to give girls access to technology and programs to build their skills and confidence. We present real life female role models - women working in STEM, as mentors and superheroes featured in our Tech Girls Are Superheroes books. We inspire young women to solve important community problems with technology skills and business acumen through our annual online Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero competition. We run hands on workshops for entrepreneurship, robotics, electronics and more. Our Founder & CEO advocates for diversity and inclusion through public speaking engagements.

We have distributed *80 000 free books, placing one in every primary and secondary school in Australia (9966 schools). Our books present real life women in STEM as superheroes who change the world. Used as a career resource the books use storytelling and strong powerful avatars to counteract the negative STEM stereotypes presented in the media.  The inspiring stories showcase to all young girls that they can have a successful and rewarding career in STEM. (Including Tech Girls Are Superheroes 1&2 and Tech Girls Are Chic!). Book 3 is in production!

In 2014, 18 girls participated in our Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero competition, 132 in 2015, 510 in 2016, 1020 in 2017 and over 1000 in 2018! Our hugely successful program has reached many regions of Australia and New Zealand and continues to grow.  We launch our campaign on International Women's Day each year.

VALUES: We believe that all girls should have access to business and technical skills, and those who complete our program are instantly employable, or in a position to begin their own entrepreneurial journey by starting their own business. Some alumni have created companies and some are studying Computer Science and Engineering at university.  We are proud to support our tech girls who are changing the world and solving important problems. 

I am Jenine, the founder of the Tech Girls Movement, a not-for-profit organisation promoting positive female STEM role models to encourage and raise awareness of technology careers options for girls. Our books, Tech Girls Are Superheroes, form the basis for our campaign.

I'm a proud Tech Girl Superhero!

We present role models, and the opportunities afforded by technology careers, in a refreshing way, through storytelling. The campaign is unique in that it lasts more than one day or event, it is long-term, it is a movement. Dr. Beekhuyzen is in a unique position to put the research into practice and lead this movement.

We are the Tech Girl Superhero mavens, and we invite you to join our sisterhood. If you want a rewarding career, interesting and challenging work, want to make people’s lives easier through technology, and want to be part of creating the future of the world, then...

Your challenge, should you accept to Join the Tech Girls Movement!