Teknikio Full Classroom Bundle


Teknikio Full Classroom Bundle


Activating Origami Bundle
This bundle takes the traditional art of paper folding to a new level. By adding simple circuits to paper sculptures you can instantly animate them and create unique sculptures. 

Fabtronic Bundle
Finally a classroom set to teach the basic of electronics and fashion! Enter the world of e-textiles and wearables with custom reusable parts that allow you to make and remake as many times as you want! Designed for 25 students working alone, or 50 students in pairs. Fabric included but additional fabric and scraps recommended. 

Sparking Sense Bundle
Build gadgets with circuits! Did you know that switches can act as sensors? The Sparking Sense Bundle has our favorite sensing switches and we walk you through how to activate an object with each one.
Each lesson is matched to Common Core and NGSS learning standards for integrated STEM learning. 

Product code 
• TEK121314-3-1SK

Classroom Pack for up to 60 students
Cost Per Student $25.78

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