CS Unplugged: Computer Science without a Computer (2.0)

A great infographic on why we need more girls in STEM

Download our superhero illustrations from the Tech Girls Are Superheroes and archetypes for free use in the classroom. All images are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This is a Free Culture license.

TGAS Book 1 (Part 1) 

TGAS Book 1 (Part 2)

TGAS Book 2


Presentation for schools - which tech girl superhero are you? .ppt / .pdf 

Be a digital humanitarian from your web browser! Easy to follow instructions on crisis mapping here. Background information here. Full presentation to schools can be found here. Go to Codeschool here.

Digital Divas oz

 This school-based program was developed to build girls' ICT skills and confidence, increase girls' motivation to continue studying ICT and enter the ICT workforce. The girls who participated in the program reported increased confidence in using IT and our materials excited their interest and engaged them. A copy of our final report can be found in publications. The Digital Divas book will be published in 2015.

Code Club Australia is a network of coding clubs for Aussie kids. We want all kids in Australian primary schools to be given the opportunity to learn to code. We are looking for teachers, parents and members of the community to take up the challenge to run a Code Club at their school or local library. We are a non-profit organisation, all the materials are free to use and we provide any support you need to help you get started. http://codeclubau.org/


United Nations Gender Repository - resources aimed at IT teachers in the classroom