Diary of Elle by Nina du Thaler

The book series, Diary of Elle, informs and inspires children’s awareness of cyber-safety through fun stories in diary-format. Starring Elle (the diary-owner) and her friends, each book in the series of seven books will allow children to learn about a different cyber-safety concept through the experiences of other children.

Elle's books are available as e-books and paper books. You do not need to have a Kindle for the e-books.

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Elle gets a mobile phone!

Elle is getting a mobile phone for her tenth birthday.

She tells her friends her exciting news but each of them talk about problems they had when they were given their mobile phones.

Will having a mobile phone be a total disaster or will she be able to learn from their stories and have fun with her new gadget?



lizzy’s triumph over cyber-bullying!

Elle’s best friend Lizzy is acting strangely.

Elle is concerned but can’t get Lizzy to share what is going on. When she works out a way to help Lizzy share her problem, she finds out that her best friend is being cyber-bullied.

Will being connected in the online world be a total disaster or will Elle be able to help Lizzy and learn from her experiences?



Lucy’s family launches into the cyber-world

Lucy comes home to find two new family members - a computer and a tablet.

When they are set up to use the internet, the whole family is eager to explore the cyber-world.

Will entering the cyber-world be a family nightmare or will Lucy's family have fun with their new gadgets?



Tom tames his online world

Tom is over the moon because he has finally reached an age where he can compete against his friends and older brother in the Twilight Run.

In his excitement, he crosses a few dangerous lines in the online world. Can Elle keep up with his training for this big event?

But more importantly, can she teach him how to manage his online world safely??